A sharpen.design challenge in which I sought to create an art gallery event invitation for artwork that I previously posted on Instagram. I used this as a chance to experiment with hand-distorted, grungy typography and the postmodern brutalist style seen in a lot of European design, the music industry, and particular corners of Instagram's poster design community.

Instagram/social media version.
Instagram/social media version.

Poster for a local Corvallis DIY music event at the student-run fashion outlet Suite Zero. This was printed full-bleed on letter size paper and posted all over town. Turnout was quick and pleasant with plenty of freedom to experiment!

This piece was created using legacy 1990s software. (Illustrator 7.0, Kid Pix Deluxe 1999)

Sumi and liner pen on torn and burnt sketch paper, composited in Photoshop.  
Displayed with student work at Fairbanks Gallery of Art.
We have a responsibility to remain human-centered in our actions in the face of a spiteful and cruel world whose cruelness is further exaggerated by the internet. Society has become one huge meme, a macrocosm of toxic microcosms which transmit ideas tainted by the desire to be proven right.
Set bezier curves in Illustrator, carve bottom portion out of an old cardboard box. Add sumi ink splashes and a small piece of a previously created poster. Mix well, composite in Photoshop and serve immediately while piping hot. I was very angry while concocting this recipe and it shows in my movements and the haphazard assembly. 

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