Short-form rotoscoped music + lyric video. Hand-drawn in Photoshop.  The song is SWIM by BROCKHAMPTON.

Beat production, cover art, + audio visualizer experiment. GarageBand, Ps, Ae. Equalizer effect created entirely with "Turbulent Displacement," my favorite!

Experimental "introduction video" that abstracts my values as a designer. Beat produced by myself in GarageBand, which I have titled "Finals Week" since I made it at the edge of fall term. Contains found footage from adventures, cool Smash Bros. combos I've done, and other interesting phenomena.

Animated logo for a self-care video series created in collaboration with Orange Media Network. Depicts the "ripple effect" of promoting self-care in communities, through which every person benefits and anyone can fill an important role. When you make yourself stronger, healthier, and more compassionate, you are able to offer that energy to others and unlock the potential to do good.

Scrapped promotional video for a welcome event at OSU's Asian & Pacific Cultural Center. Could be reused into a general hiring ad. I had a lot of fun doing the motion graphics and creating the soundtrack for this one, it's too bad we didn't push this one out soon enough due to time constraints. You'll get to see my face and hear some thoughts about why I love my job so much and why I chose it!

End-of-year combo video created to celebrate the Corvallis Smash Bros. community. An exercise in cropping standard-definition footage, timing actions to music, and giving footage of variable quality a consistent look. I created the "Corvallis Melee" and "Mid-Day Melee" logos seen within. I kicked some butt in the second clip too!

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